Good reasons for a speech from Clemens Jüttner

Fresh inspirations: Clemens Jüttner is „on fire“ and passionate when presenting his topics and conveys first-hand experience. He already has captured a large audience, however, he is still regarded an „insider tip“.

New ideas with practical relevance: The unusual combination of fire chief and top manager guarantees a new view of crisis situations in management.

Fascinating model: Clemens Jüttner’s model creates new ways of thinking to ensure good results. The F.I.R.E.-Model is a model he invented.

Sympathetic and professional: Whoever has seen him in action is enthusiastic of Clemens Jüttner’s sympathetic and approachable nature. He presents his topics with passion. He is driven by his audience benefitting from his speeches.

Fact Sheet about the F.I.R.E.-Modell
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When the house is on fire

decision-making with the F.I.R.E.-Model

„As a fire chief, I learned to make the right decisions in life-and-death situations even when the situation was unclear. The principles of the F.I.R.E.-Model are extremely helpful for decision makers in everyday management.“

Clemens Jüttner conveys lively how you can improve the quality of decisions when you are confronted with highly unstructured situations, a shortage of information and extreme (time) pressure. By consistently applying the F.I.R.E.-Model you recognize decision traps earlier and avoid them. You will also learn what your individual limit is, to successfully apply your intuition and always have the result of your actions in sight.

Target audience: entrepreneurs, employees, managers and executives

Precarious Situations

to master successfully together with your team

„How do you get people to voluntarily and happily get up at 4:30 am to help strangers without getting paid? As a voluntary fire chief I have proven that this is doable – and will prove it is doable for you as well!“

Clemens Jüttner shows you what is really important when you want to be successful under extreme conditions/in extreme situations as a team. That is when the success depends on the competency, the performance, the reliability and the mutual trust of each individual team member. You will learn how to lead your team into a powerful state and to better attain your goals under extreme pressure.

Target audience: entrepreneurs, managers, executives, and employees

Crisis communication

What to do when the fire is blazing?

„Of course, crisis communications starts prior to the crisis – with prevention. However, if the crisis arises anyway, you need a professional who can communicate accurately quickly.“

Clemens Jüttner is a supreme crisis communication manager. As a paramedic and fire chief he learned how to spread calmness and achieve goals in complex situations with high damage potential. As a management expert he makes this knowledge useable for you. Based on captivating examples from his everyday service as a paramedic and fire chief you will learn how to communicate well within your team and how to be successful under pressure.

Target audience: entrepreneurs, managers, executives, and employees.